Stormfront Music Tutoring

Stormfront offers award-winning music tuition
for everyone ranging from beginner to advanced level -
from pre-schoolers to adults!

Our coaches....

offer the expertise of long-term and fulltime professional musicians with
an impressive record of achievement,
who are out there DOING it in the Australian music industry!

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Stormfront Music Tutoring currently operates....
at-school for Whyalla's Samaritan College students (St. Teresa's, OLHC & Saint John's campuses),
and for all other students on a Private basis at our dedicated tuition rooms.

Lessons can be arranged for 20, 30 or 45-minute durations and we generally teach
MONDAY to FRIDAY over four Terms annually.

Stormfront Music Tutoring offers:

* Tuition in vocals, guitar, bass guitar & keyboard
* Tuition in music theory & performance technique
* Tuition in songwriting
* Career guidance
* Industry contacts
* Tailored ďauditionĒ and exam preparation
* Advice & preparation of PR & career promotion
* Workshop presentations for schools, community & any other clients

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Our individual modern lessons are tailored to the needs of each student (using the music YOU love),
improving your self-confidence while ensuring lessons are fun AND educational.

Stormfront Music Tutoring also offers:

* Personal assessments & individual attention
* Songs & exercises tailored to your age & ability
* Professional backing tracks for rehearsal and/or purchase
* Professional song-charting service for your performance needs
* Quality PA equipment for live rehearsal
* Computer & professional studio recording facilities
* Live performance opportunities

Our tutors carry full DCSI Child Screening and Police Checks
and are fully trained in Responding to Abuse and Neglect Education and Care (Mandatory Notification).

We adhere to strict Child Protection policies, as governed by the Music Teachers Association of South Australia
and the Department For Education And Child Development (SA).

Alison Police Check (as PDF)
Alison R.A.N.E.C. certificate (as PDF)
Alison DCSI Child Screening (as PDF)

Mark Police Check (as PDF)
Mark R.A.N.E.C. certificate (as PDF)
Mark DCSI Child Screening (as PDF)

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Itís easy to start your music lessons with Stormfront Music Tutoring:

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